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Who we are
Chitchatglobal.com is a website operated by the business Chit Chat Global. Any reference to our domain name Chitchatglobal.com in this agreement or website is equivalent to a reference to Chit Chat Global.

Changes to these Terms

We reserve the right to change these terms at any time with or without notice. You are advised to consult with these terms each time you use the site.

Applicable Laws
The laws of Ontario, Canada will be applied to the use of this website.

Language Versions.
We provide versions of this agreement in several languages for your convenience. Where there is any conflict, the English version shall apply.

Be Considerate to Others

This is a site for mature and considerate people to help each other learn in a supportive, encouraging and relaxing environment. Abuse and harassment will not be tolerated. 
If you treat others in an abusive or harassing manner, you will be banned from this club. 
If you see someone else behaving in an abusive or harassing manner, please report this to chitchatglobal.com
In addition, you will not upload any material that is illegal, libelous, defamatory, or anything that could violate the rights of other parties. 

Use for Language Exchange Only.
You will not use the site to distribute or advertise commercial activities of other parties. You will not solicit Chitchatglobal.com members and guests to join outside sites or online services or organizations. You will not solicit Chitchatglobal.com members and guests for any reason other than to find a language exchange partner to improve the personal foreign language skills of yourself and that of your partners. Any material contained in this site is for your private personal use only.

Removing Abusers.
We try to detect and remove abusers of the site (scammers, fraudsters, etc.) by a combination of automated and manual means. But occasionally, some of these people still manage to get through. If you see someone abusing the site, please report him to us immediately, so we can remove him and protect the community.

Use Common Sense
Please be aware that Chitchatglobal.com does not verify the identities of its members or guests, nor do we verify the accuracy of the content they post.
Internet Scammers

Never send money to anyone you meet online.

Your contact Information.
You may not write your email address or other contact information in the public sections of the community such as the bulletin boards or the Description section of your profile. You may only write your email address in the email address field of your profile.

Children under 13 Years of Age
Children under age 13 must be supervised by an adult guardian when using this site.

You accept that the system may contain bugs and will report any bugs to us immediately, so we may fix them. You will hold us harmless for any loss that results from programming errors (bugs) or unintended behavior.

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You will keep your password secret and will report any breach of security.

When you submit anything, you are giving Chitchatglobal.com the rights to publish it worldwide, royalty-free.

We reserve the right to modify or remove any submissions without warning.

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