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Chit Chat Global 
admin: hello everyone!
admin: How are you all?
admin: Hi Tuba
Tooba: hello!
Tooba: Its tuba here!
admin: Morning everyone
Tooba: hello
kashifzahoor15: Hi
kashifzahoor15: I hope admin will soon join us
Tooba: OK
davecurby: Hi Tuba
davecurby: How are you?
Tooba: Hello Sir
Tooba: How are you
Tooba: im fine
davecurby: Sorry I got caught in the rain. It has started to pour down here right now,
davecurby: I did not drive to work, so I had to walk home in the rain
davecurby: How is life there?
davecurby: re you busy?
davecurby: Are
Tooba: No sir
Tooba: life is good . Having exams these days.
davecurby: We have a big storm coming, right across Australia, from the north to the south
kashifzahoor15: hi everyone
davecurby: What are your exams?
davecurby: Hi Kashif, how are you
kashifzahoor15: I am fine
kashifzahoor15: electricity was interrupted
davecurby: Oh OK.
davecurby: n have electricity interuptions here, but occasionally internet goes down
Tooba: Oho
kashifzahoor15: yeah sometimes electricity get interrupted
davecurby: n = We dont have
Tooba: no
Tooba: n?
kashifzahoor15: good yeah you have an advanced system
kashifzahoor15: Now
davecurby: Tooba, What exams?
kashifzahoor15: coming to chitchat
Tooba: My 7th semester exams are going on these days!
davecurby: I think we are a bit luckier. for infrastructure, like Electricity
kashifzahoor15: Dave. what do you suggest for promotion and working of chitchat so that Tuba also get onboard with us
davecurby: In IT?
davecurby: @ Kashif, lets discuss offline
kashifzahoor15: and same is for Tuba what do you suggest further for it
davecurby: Should be just casual chit chat for now.
kashifzahoor15: ok
kashifzahoor15: fine
davecurby: What will you do this weekend?
kashifzahoor15: I will travel to another city for mock exam
Tooba: Good Luck !
kashifzahoor15: How are your activities going in Australia
davecurby: We have no lockdowns now, which is good
davecurby: Most of Covid cases are in quarantine, so we are very lucky
kashifzahoor15: yeah in Pakistan lockdown has ended and perils of online education is enslaving students
Tooba: Great to know
davecurby: we dont have many in the normal population
kashifzahoor15: thats good
davecurby: what we would normally do
davecurby: we can still do
davecurby: but we cant leave the country right now
davecurby: What about in Pakistan?
kashifzahoor15: Oh it means external borders are yet to be opened. Its been a long time for you without your family
kashifzahoor15: Pakistan is smartly handling things
kashifzahoor15: You can travel abroad with corona sops
Tooba: Yes i agree
kashifzahoor15: educational institutes have again opened businesses are continuing their activities which is a good news
davecurby: Yes you could say that.
davecurby: In Thailand, they are just having a big outbreak, which is not good.
kashifzahoor15: Though vaccine has yet to arrive in pakistan
kashifzahoor15: oh. yeah second wave is there
davecurby: I think we have just approved the first vacine. in Aust. but the main one will be in March
davecurby: we still have a little longer to go
kashifzahoor15: oh
Tooba: Hopefully we will get rid of this covid soon!
davecurby: The Pfizer Vacine in America, has just been approved, and we got 1 million doses, but it will only go to front line workers
davecurby: I am sick of Covid!!!!
kashifzahoor15: yeah this is the strategy countries are following
davecurby: When do you finish your exams Tooba?
kashifzahoor15: exactly covid has just enslaved us all
Tooba: Saturday Evening !
davecurby: Oh thats not too bad, stress will finish then, HAHAHA
Tooba: Yes ! I m waiting for that day laugh
davecurby: hahaha
davecurby: Have to get going, we will chat agin here soon.
davecurby: Good luck all with your exams.
Tooba: Sure sir!
Tooba: Thank you so much!
davecurby: See you soon, Byesmile
kashifzahoor15: bye everyone
Tooba: Bye smile
admin: Hi Tuba
kashifzahoor15: Hi Dave
admin: Hi Kashif How are you?
kashifzahoor15: Tuba will join us shortly
kashifzahoor15: I am fine
admin: Thats OK no hurry.
admin: How is your study going?
kashifzahoor15: It is going fine. The results of two mocks of all subjects have given me confidence
admin: Thats good.
kashifzahoor15: doing objective these days as 20pc is objective as well
admin: Oh OK
kashifzahoor15: How is Stella ?
kashifzahoor15: is she going to school?
admin: Sonia tried to get me on Teams, but I am a bit busy today
kashifzahoor15: oh no issue.
admin: Yeah, she is in Kindrgarten, so Preschool
admin: Sometime she likes it hahaha
kashifzahoor15: wow. I hope she likes study
admin: haha, dont know yet
kashifzahoor15: haha
Tooba: hello everyoe
kashifzahoor15: Hi Tuba
admin: Hi tooba how are you?
kashifzahoor15: you both can discuss now
Tooba: i m fine
admin: Thanks
Tooba: how are you sir
admin: The shop that you put up on Dreamtime'
admin: I am fine tuba
admin: with the T shirts
Tooba: yes
admin: Of what I can see, the Tshirts we can add logos etc to the shirts, What I would liek to do is have the designs already showing on the Tshirt, and the customer, only sees the t shirt and different styles,
admin: o the client does not make it themselves.
Tooba: you mean variations in designs?
admin: Yes, so I am going to put some logos/ictures in jpg, and then it displays on the website as a tshirt with that design on it.
admin: One sec Ill show a link
admin: https://www.zazzle.com.au/aboriginal+tshirts
admin: So in this there are the shirts, and then the different styles, with the different images,
admin: so the person just buys that style and image
admin: not design it them selves.
Tooba: i understand
Tooba: actually the web link i was provided has a mock tool. so i though you want that print on demand
admin: yeah, so that might be a tool we can use to design, before it goes up on the site?
admin: So I dont nescessarily need them t be designing their own shirt at this stage.
admin: Just give them the stype, they arder and the it goes to Print on Demand
admin: stype = style
Tooba: oh ok! i got it.. but i need to look into, that can we put that tool on only backend access or not.
admin: yeah, or maybe I just send the different designs, and you build it to the image?
Tooba: because that is front end tool...for backend mock tool i need to research a bit
admin: BTW you did a great job working this out.
Tooba: yes
Tooba: i can
Tooba: surely
Tooba: thank you sir!
admin: OK I might have to design a few images for you to put onto the Tshirts4
Tooba: you can send me the logo or icons.. i can design it
Tooba: if you want!
admin: Ok sounds good. Ill do up some and send you some
admin: Also, sometime in the future, I would like you to show me how to use Yoast SEO.
admin: and have you done any SEO in the past?
Tooba: yes sir! i know how it worksss
Tooba: do want it for which site?
admin: Oh OK thanks, when we both have some free time, Ill ask you to give me some lessons
Tooba: you*
admin: I just would like to know how to use it
Tooba: sure sir! would love too
admin: Ill maybe learn on Xinnox.com
admin: Thanks
admin: stly, what do you know about Social Media Management?
Tooba: i have also created QR code for chitchat
Tooba: will share it today!
admin: Oh thats good, we can start adding that to the ads
admin: So how much do you know about Social Media Management?
Tooba: Sir actually i did some social media management for the brands i build web for . The most successful campaign was on social pakora. it takes some time if we want real audience. getting fake audience will lower the rate of getting real ones
Tooba: so for chitchat firstly i wrote some blog on top trended blog site also i have been posting regularly on groups. We need to create all possible social accoutns to get better results which i am upto.
admin: Oh, i think Kashif has assigned you some work on Chitchat, we might look at how we can do a overall marketing campaign
admin: for social media
admin: Ok sounds good, I noticed the Blog it was good, I think I have read similar to what you wrote somewhere before
Tooba: yes i m working toawards it.
admin: Ok sounds good, You are doing great
Tooba: I took inspiration from medium and analyzed the audience that blog had. so i wrote that
Tooba: hopefully today i will make Linkdin and instagram accoutn for chitchat
admin: Ok sounds good, did you do a facebook account as well?
Tooba: yes yes
admin: Should we start using a fresh account?
admin: Or is it under your name?
Tooba: i have shared the link aswell
Tooba: facebook account is not a good option for marketing..the page is
Tooba: i built a page for chit chat.. and i can give you or sir kashif the admin rights for it
Tooba: i have created a seperate fb account for ad posting on groups.
admin: Ok thanks, can you make me and Kashif a admin, or moderator as well?
Tooba: but as far for chit chat public profile the page is getting new viewers each day
Tooba: yes sure
admin: Thanks you just said you would do that. TA
admin: Oh thats good, was not sure if we are getting response,
admin: maybe we need a landing page that send people straight to this chat?
Tooba: The english chat?
Tooba: English Chat room?
admin: yes, what do you think?
Tooba: Yes we can do that
admin: becuase right now, we just need to get people to see, and enrol
Tooba: yes We can do that! we can also make a short tour video for promotion
Tooba: short video which tell how to chat via chitchar
admin: Oh, you can do that?
Tooba: yes by screen recordings
kashifzahoor15: yes Tuba. its an innovative one. must try
Tooba: and will add some background music to it
Tooba: so that user will get familiar
admin: ok if your able to do that, that would e good
Tooba: sure sir
admin: the last thing, I ask Kashif to assign you the website Curbyandco
Tooba: yes sir assigned me that
Tooba: i already started working on that
admin: OK thanks very much, Ok Ill let you go, and have a good day.
Tooba: Thankyou sir
Tooba: nice talking you .. Have a good day smile
kashifzahoor15: Thanks everyone. Have a good day.
admin: You too see you soon
Tooba: hi everyone!
Tooba: Hi
admin: hello
Tooba: smile
admin: Good Morning
Meli: Hi
davecurby: Hello all
sebastien85480: Hello, everyone
Marta: Hello!!!!!
Guðmundur: Hi there
Kazi Abu Sayeed: Hello
Kazi Abu Sayeed: Hi everyone
Mohamed Ibrahim: Hi
Mohamed Ibrahim: Nice to be here
Mohamed Ibrahim: It's my first time to be here
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